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  • Download the 10-step marketing plan

    I’ve learned the hard way which strategies will grow your law firm and which are financial black holes. And let me tell you, not only is there a path to the top of the mountain, but I have created a systematic approach to getting you there.

    In this free report, you’ll be shocked that I’m giving it away free. To put it simply, this report will answer the biggest question I get from lawyers around the country on a weekly basis:

    "Knowing what you know today, if you were starting over with the marketing of your law practice, what exact steps would you take?"
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  • Big Warning About Internet Marketing

    Does it feel like internet marketing has gotten harder in the last year than in the last 5 years combined? It could get much worse very quickly.

    Discover the Major Disruptions Set to Collapse Your Law Firm's Online Marketing right now!
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