Highway Robbery

The Best Six-Shootin', Hard-Ridin' Marketing Plan for Small Law Firms

Some say there are tales you only hear by the light of a campfire about succeeding as a small law firm owner...

Now, these marketing secrets  are available to all legal pioneers who want to grow their law firms and help more clients

Opening and operating a law firm is a true test of your fortitude.

It took gumption to saddle up and ride West in the days of yore, just like being a law firm entrepreneur these days. If you were to listen to the common advice these days, it would seem like all the best opportunities have come and gone. The old guard talks of a time when you "just had to be a good lawyer." That won't cut it these days.

It's a harsh reality, like an Arizona desert.

However, if you are PREPARED and SMART about the reality of marketing your law firm, you can experience unprecedented levels of growth, reverse a stall, and finally crash through the ceiling you thought you had...

It will feel like you are practically robbing the market blind (except in an ethical, effective, and even fun way that empowers potential clients while positioning you as a true expert and authority).

What you really need is...

  • Stampede-generating "lead bait" that calls out to your ideal clients and practically forces them to stop doing anything else and pay rapt attention to you
  • Carefully mapped plans to identify the perfect targets for your bait, enabling you to ignore bad marketing opportunities that sound good but are actually ticking time bombs waiting to blow up your law firm
  • And a well-known, reliable set of tools to keep the leads flowing (it's like a cordless drill... not the sexiest tool you'll own, but it gets more work done that just about anything else in your home)

Your competitors will think you've gone crazy...
and you'll laugh maniacally all the way to the bank.

Truth be told, my marketing methodology seems odd to some.

After all, most of what we're taught about marketing is so focused on our outward appearances. I swear that most law firms spend more time choosing a fancy logo than they do actually thinking about the real needs of their clients.

My proposition is simple: uncover the base psychology of your prospects and speak to their fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams. The logo doesn't matter when you're having that conversation through your marketing!

Other lawyers may think you're a little odd.

That doesn't matter.

Odd just means you will stand out.

And standing out is a quick way to draw the attention of potential clients who are flooded with the "same old, same old" ads done by law firms.

Done right, you will strike Gold.

Have you ever heard someone say, "Any lawyer can handle a personal injury case"?

That's just a false question.

Because, technically, any lawyer could handle that case - if he or she has an active license, of course.

The difference is in who can do it WELL.

With many marketing options, just about anyone can do it. You might be shocked how easy it is to set up a Facebook ad campaign or set up a print ad contract or write content for a website.

The difference here is between ACTIVITY...


I'm sure you've been told to "create content for your website." It's all the rage. But how do you stay on track with creating the right content?

You can't just put out "stuff" and hope it works out.

There needs to be intention behind the creation.

Undoubtedly, you have been pitched by online marketers who want to manage paid advertising on Google for you. That's all well and good, but how do you what ads will or will not work? Can you provide the guidance and oversight needed for these to suceed (instead of being a horrendous waste of your hard-earned money)?

You can "rob the market blind" with
half the amount of money you spend today
and twice the results!

I don't care what your budget might be.

No excuses.

Firms with $100 per month and $50,000 per month marketing budgets have grown their firms using the tactics I built in my own law firm.


They are all spending money like it's going out of style on all sorts of so-called "cutting edge strategies." Most of the time, these are a bunch of nonsense ideas taught by the "Marketing to Millennials" crowd. While your competitors saddle up and head to those empty pastures, you can mosey on over to where smart small firm owners are quietly cleaning up - just getting client after client in spaces totally ignored by other firms.

Like I said...

Every strategy I want to teach you, I use in my own law firm!

They are pulled from the pages of my own practice's marketing playbook.

See EXACTLY what I wish I could teach
myself from 25 years ago...
and profit from it today!

When I started my law firm, I was clueless about marketing.

I spent terrifying amounts of money on scams and schemes that brought back nothing.

That's what happens when you really want to grow your practice, but you don't have a FOUNDATION upon which to build your marketing.

Along the way, I uncovered secrets that aren't talked about by the bar associations or others in our profession. They were taught to me by smart business owners who were doing something different with their marketing. It seemed strange at first, but when I started implementing...

The results spoke for themselves!

What I discovered and want to share with you includes:

--> The HUGE MARKETING STRATEGY used by Netflix that I use in my own law firm (and is secretly used by thousands of businesses right now to create profitable results)

--> One high-caliber tactic to get referrals for my practice that worked so well, it was like moving from a horse and buggy to a Lamborghini

--> How marketing companies will hoodwink and bamboozle you into believing false metrics that only get you to buy more of their services, so they can slowly bleed you dry on the side of a dirt highway while telling you everything is a-okay

--> A little-known and entirely misunderstood method to attract the attention of potential clients and gain their trust, so they will follow you across the most forbidding desert with total loyalty (all but guaranteeing they will choose you as their lawyer)

--> Why just offering a "free consultation" is costing you clients (and what to do TODAY to stop the losses)

--> How to tie and toss a lasso with your marketing messages that allows you to rope in any potential client who looks your way

--> The hidden purpose behind broadcast marketing (what I call "vanity marketing") that will cost our profession tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars this year - and why understanding this can lead you to your most profitable opportunities entirely ignored by your competition

--> My method for building a brand that has nothing to do with "branding" marketing, yet creates a connection with clients at least 10 times stronger than the garbage generated by traditional advertisers

--> And many more strategies to succeed!

This is brand new, built from scratch program detailing the essential every small law firm needs to know in order to best even the biggest competitors.

Narrated by my chief marketing officer, you will hear how my law firm went about building a marketing system that has generated millions of dollars in revenue. It is the foundation from which every piece of advertising begins and has been worth more to me than any other single process in my practice.

Make your investment in the opening of new opportunities for your marketing for a mere $39!

You will unearth new options for your marketing.
You will find multiple ways to profit.
And you will finally have a forever reliable path forward to grow your practice.

My "No Refunds" Policy

Here's the simple truth: if you don't think you could make your money's worth by investing in your marketing education for an unbeatable $39, this isn't a good match for you.

This program is for those who are serious about changing the way they operate - not the kind of people who will photocopy the program and then send it back. (By the way, those people are usually too small-minded to ever really grow their practices, so they would be a bad match for this system anyways.)