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"I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year"

“I used the Great Legal Marketing methods to take my solo firm from under $10,000 per month to a conglomerate earning over $1.25M per year. The GLM system worked for me and it can work for anybody. It took a lot of faith to sign up, but after listening to the coaching and mastermind calls for a few months it started to catch on, and the more ideas I implemented, the more my practice grew. I learned everything I know about marketing my practice from Ben, Bob Battle, and their team of superstars. Call me any time for details about how I found success in my practice using GLM.”

Van Hardenbergh, Virginia


"With much gratitude and best wishes"

“WOW! What can I possibly say that you haven’t heard before? I am so very happy about my decision to join GLM in late 2012. I have already exceeded my goals in 2013. I just had my most profitable summer ever! Thank you so much for teaching us so much and for sharing so many great tools, ideas, and strategies to turn my law practice into the one I dreamed about when I decided to become a lawyer. With much gratitude and best wishes for continued success.”

Robert Malove, Florida

Christopher Russell

"Fantastic, practice changing, eye opening, enthusiasm inducing"

“My only regret regarding GLM is that this fantastic, practice changing, eye opening, enthusiasm inducing program wasn’t available to me 30 years ago when I started practicing law. This was my second conference and my second regret is this not being my 6th or 7th. For all of those attorneys who are looking for a better way to build the mousetrap and at the same time wanting to get out of the rat-rage (enough of the vermin!), do yourself a favor and attend the 2014 conference. You can thank me later.”

Christopher Russell, California

Christopher W Dysart

"I want it all to myself"

“Please don’t attend Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing summit. Especially if you live in Missouri or Illinois. I consider the information taught to be extremely powerful and I don’t want you to know about it. I want it all to myself. Please heed my advice; my wife and kids rely on me to provide for them. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.”

Chris Dysart, Missouri

Rick Carter

"So much more than a marketing conference"

“This was the most important learning experience I’ve had in years. The message driven home is that I can take control of my practice and my life. This is so much more than a marketing conference. It really is a reminder of why I became a lawyer and the joy our profession can bring to our lives. Thank you to all!”

Rick Carter, Virginia

Radlyn Mendoza

"Inspirational and eye-opening!"

“Inspirational and eye-opening! My partner and I have learned so much about marketing our law practice. We know that it will help us tremendously. We will definitely come back next year with our staff. In fact, we’ve already signed up!”

Radlyn Mendoza, Virginia

Nicole M. Winston

"The Summit was awesome!"

“The Summit was awesome! This was my first experience at a GLM summit and it has been very inspiring; from the keynote speaker - Chad - to the Foster Web Crew, which treated us like family. The amount of information presented and resources made available was second to none! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Nicole Winston, Michigan

Joe D. Tate


“As a new coaching student of two niches (Bankruptcy and DUI), I have anxiously awaited this weekend! I was not disappointed. The generosity of coaches and leaders has exceeded my expectations. The willingness to share ideas; specific pieces of the puzzle that they utilize for success was a constant stream. It was refreshing to not focus on money but the ability to achieve a better life, serve more people, and from that, good things come. Excellent! ”

Joe D. Tate, Oklahoma

Carol O'Connor Cadiz

"A collection of brilliant minds"

“You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again. I was impressed not only by the knowledge and creativity of everyone present, but also the kindness and eagerness to share ideas shown by your team and the other attendees. Not only are you a collection of brilliant minds, but of kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you.”

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz, Illinois

Angela White McIlveen

"Just do it"

“Thank you so much for all the information, support, and coaching. We have taken our little practice of just me and my husband and grown it to 13 people in the last year and a half. Numbers don’t lie and our revenue has quadrupled in the last year. We now have 5 attorneys in the practice. I tell people don’t question it or think about it - just do it. It works.”

Angela McIlveen, North Carolina

Brooke Swier Schloss

"We can’t wait to get home and start making our updated game plan!"

“The GLM Summit was excellent! Last year our Senior partner came to the summit and was so excited and we started totally re-designing our marketing. This year, he sent our marketing director and myself and we can’t wait to get home and start making our updated game plan!”

Brooke Schloss, South Dakota

Charles Wade Price

"More valuable and actionable ideas"

“I attended the Great Legal Marketing 2013 National Summit. This was my first GML event. I’ve been to many legal events over the years. However, at this event, I received more valuable and actionable ideas that I can immediately implement than at any other event I’ve ever attended! I consider myself a pretty good marketer and I enjoy marketing. But I learned so much; very valuable. I highly recommend this event for any lawyer that wants to have a great legal practice that supports their desired lifestyle.”

Charles Price, Florida

John Thomas Black

"It would have been a mistake to not have come"

“This is my second summit and I was concerned that I wouldn’t learn anything new the second time around. Was I wrong. I took four pages of notes in just two days. It would have been a mistake to not have come. I learned so much; several things that I can implement Monday when I get back to the office. Thanks Ben, Rem, Tom, Connie, Karen, Danielle, and all of the rest of you!””

J. Thomas Black, Texas

Frank R Kearney

"Unique demands of representing people and running a law firm"

“Having attended my second Great Legal Marketing conference recently, I know from experience that the things Ben, Tom, and Rem recommend (and do themselves) work. And I think the main reason is that Ben Glass is an authentic trial lawyer and understands the unique demands of representing people and running a law firm. Again, I know this from experience. Several years ago I asked Ben to serve as co-counsel in a significant medical malpractice case in Fairfax, Virginia. We settled with one defendant, tried the case against another and lost. Unlike other local counsel, who seem to specialize in attending status conference; settling trial fates and other light duty assignments, Ben was eager to appeal - writing the brief, arguing the case and ultimately winning on appeal. Every speaker had this same Can do attitude, so the GLM conference teaches not just the fundamentals of marketing, although there is plenty of that, but a new way of looking at things as well. GLM style marketing and management is different than most of us have seen or used before, but they give you tools to grow your practice as long as you’re willing to put in the work (and they are upfront about this - it is a lot of work). But it’s well worth the investment, as you can tell from the number of repeat attendees.”

Frank R. Kearney, Washington D.C.

Kellam Thomas Parks

"Such an amazing rescue"

“As a new coaching member this year, I had some idea of what to expect from the GLM summit; however, the breadth and depth of information provided blew me away! My marketing director (my sister) and I have so many new, exciting marketing ideas. We’ll be working overtime for weeks! (Months!) to come.Thank you and everyone involved in putting together such an amazing rescue. We look forward to next year!”

Kellam T. Parks, Virginia

Mitchell Jan Birzon

"Well done, Ben!"

“Your initiatives and proprietary materials and approaches towards building rewarding law practices are changing the lives of the people who work with you and your very professional staff. GLM preaches not just revenue enhancement marketing for lawyers but your approach is woven into a mosaic of enriching the lives of our families and communities. Well done, Ben!”

Mitchell Birzon, New York

Erin M Field

"You guys rock!"

“I am so happy I came to your summit. There are so many excellent resources here which I will now use to grow my practice. Every speaker was very engaging and knowledgeable. Plus, I also made some really great contacts and connections for the future. Thank you Ben for this great work you do. You guys rock!”

Erin M Field, Connecticut

Joseph S. Mitchell III

"Great ideas, great presentation, great people"

“The quality of the presentations was exceptional. I really enjoyed this conference - the location was awesome, world class - the presenters were top rate and the information they provided generated pages and pages of notes that I am eager to review. Great ideas, great presentation, great people (at the conference). It was Great Legal Marketing.”

Joe Mitchell, Pennsylvania

Charles R. Hofheimer

"Absolutely cutting edge ideas"

“If the Marketing Gods descended to earth, they would be attending Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing National Summit. The summit is incredibly well organized; absolutely cutting edge ideas and some of the most practical marketing advice I have ever received. Ben Glass, Rem Jackson, and Tom Foster are masters of marketing! Thank you all for an awesome program!”

Charlie Hofheimer, Virginia

Richard W. Summers

"Amazing two days"

“This has been an amazing two days! I can’t wait to get back home to start implementing all that I have learned. The practical step-by-step instruction and sharing of best practices has been totally professional and effective. Additionally, the generosity and kindred spirit shared by all of the speakers and attendees has been inspirational! Thank you to Ben, Rem, and Tom and the entire GLM team! See you next year!”

Richard Summers, Georgia

Demitrus Evans

"My marketing will be at a new level"

“I loved the authenticity and genuineness of all the speakers. My marketing will be at a new level, but also a new dimension in that I am motivated to intertwine my purpose more with my practice.”

Demitrus Evans, Illinois

Timothy S. Semelroth

"The Ben Glass seal of approval means ROI"

“I would come to this seminar for the vendors alone! If Ben Glass allows a vendor to attend his seminar, I know I can use them to market better, practice law better, and most importantly make more money. Bottom line, the Ben Glass seal of approval means ROI”

Tim Semelroth, Iowa

Seymour M Wasserstrum

"Your team have motivated me to make my firm the best"

“You and your team have motivated me to make my firm the best bankruptcy firm in N.J. and to create a team that have a unified why - to help serve our clients and give them a terrific, positive experience.”

Seymour Wasserstrum, New Jersey

Sheena Rahman

"I can’t say enough good things"

“As a non-attorney staff member, I am astonished at how much I’ve learned from this conference. The strategies examined and discussed can be applied to so many facets of my life. This is not only a learning experience but a huge motivational experience. I genuinely hope that next year my employer sends not only me, but the entire staff to the summit. The speakers were wonderful and relatable - I can’t say enough good things about this experience!”

Sheena Rahman, Virginia

Talmadge Clark Reynolds

"Absolutely fantastic conference"

“Absolutely fantastic conference. If I can just get a feel of the things I learned this weekend, I believe I will revolutionize my practice. I can’t wait to come back next year.”

Talmadge Reynolds, South Carolina

Ronald Jay Drescher

"I can’t wait to get to the office"

“The information, resources, and enthusiasm of the presenters at the GLM summit were incredible. I can’t wait to get to the office on Monday to start implementing all I learned from this conference. I would feel sorry for my competitors missing out on the summit if they weren’t my competitors!”

Ron Drescher, Maryland

Joseph A Di Bartolomeo

"I can’t wait until next year"

“You are making it fun to practice law, and possible to have the life I want. I am ready to go back to the office and hit the ground running. I can’t wait until next year.”

Joe Di Bartolomeo, Oregon

Bradley D. Harville

"Exceeded expectations!"

“Goes beyond ethical and information-based marketing to provide valuable time management and practice management skills as well. Exceeded expectations!”

Bradley D. Harville, Kentucky

Paul McGlone

"Thanks for putting together such a great group"

“I returned to the GLM summit for the 3rd time. I always get lots of new ideas every day here. Thanks for putting together such a great group and giving me another year’s worth of inspiration.”

Paul McGlone, Virginia

Jason Garrett Epstein

"I wouldn’t miss a GLM event"

“Ben, you’ve done it again. This is my fourth super conference. It may seem crazy to fly all the way from Seattle to DC for a two day conference that I’ve been to before and you don’t even get CLE credits for. But the truth is, I wouldn’t miss a GLM event. I always leave with a fresh action plan for things to implement to grow my firm and help build a better life for my wife and two sons.”

Jason Epstein, Washington

Meghan A. Mcglynn

"The tools we need to rock it"

“This seminar was a great roadmap for our firm to grow services for our clients professionally and be successful. My law partner and I are just 9 months into our new business and this seminar gives us the tools we need to rock it and have fun! We will be back next year for sure!”

Meghan McGlynn, Mississippi

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  • California Immigration Attorney says "Your work empowers both the potential client and the attorney!"

    It is a little after 5 AM and I am again sitting down with your work. It is well written and the message really resonates with me! I have read many of the books you mention (Blink, Tipping Point, E Myth[s]) and I have been buying from Nightingale Connant for 20 years! You don’t just know what to do, you have done it! I have been in practice for 24 years! During those 24 years, I have spent tre­mendous energy attempting to create ethical marketing that actually works! The generous hour you gave me on the phone was invaluable to this quest! I am very excited about the prospects for the future with your insight in my corner. I am looking forward to boarding Jet Blue to get out to Fairfax! Your work empowers both the potential client and the attorney! I look forward to being one of your charter members and realizing the success I know it will bring my firm. Great work and thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears, that went into what you have put together. You have created some tremendous material and methodology. Vaughan Became one of our Charter Platinum Mastermind Members and after coming to our Great Legal Marketing Super Conference, wrote: There are some who can create, a few who can implement and a tiny minor­ity who can teach. You three [Ben, Rem Jackson and Tom Foster] managed to do all three! Your great presentations and materials had true synergy for a group of like-minded attorneys! Not only would I recommend this seminar, I would strongly caution those who might make the fatal mistake of missing the practice and life-changing concepts that you present.    

    Vaughan de Kirby | Personal Injury and Immigration | California
  • Ben has studied with the giants so I don’t have to spend a fortune trying to sort the wheat from the chaff

    If I took the sum total of everything I learned about marketing and law school before I met Ben Glass and wrapped it up with a pretty bow and applied it in one super, duper burst of energy, I would be staring at my telephone saying, “Ring phone, ring”; then Ben Glass introduced me to the science of legal marketing, after 23 years of practicing law, I thought my education complete. Once upon a time, I began sending my clients a quarterly newsletter pub­lished by the ABA. Through ATLA, I discovered Newsletters Inc. and began using its newsletters instead. Then through Newsletters Inc., I discovered Ben Glass. One of your telephone interviewees (on CD) mentioned adding rejected clients to one’s mailing list. Wow! Ben has studied with the giants so I don’t have to spend a fortune trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Ben introduces me to marketing experts; I get to pick and choose from the best in the country. And here is a secret: applying Ben’s marketing lessons is fun.

    Gary Rosenberg | Personal Injury | New York
  • From North Carolina Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Attorney Brent Adams: “We Lawyers Are Also Egomaniacs.”

    We lawyers are big copycats. It took lawyers twenty years after the Bates decision (which allowed lawyers to advertise) before lawyers began to advertise to any significant degree. Why? It is because we are all copycats.We copied the conduct of the established blue blood, silk-stocking lawyers who (even after the Bates decision) looked down their nose at lawyer advertisers. Ben Glass teaches us not to be copycats. He teaches us to look around to see what all the other lawyers are doing and to do the opposite. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must be different. Ben teaches us how to stand out and how to do things differently which leads to a better practice, more money, and a better lifestyle. For instance, he notes that you can go to any phone book in any city in our country and look in the phone book to see that lawyer’s ads are all the same. We could substitute the names of the law firms in the various ads and it would make no difference. None of the ads stand out. Ben teaches us how to draft telephone book advertising which stands out and differentiates us from the crowd. He teaches us that our ads do not have to be large to be effective. We lawyers are also egomaniacs. We think that we have all the answers. Ben teaches us that is wrong. We should look to other industries and professions to see how they do it, what works for them, to see how they make money, and to see how they succeed. Ben teaches us to borrow ideas and methods from other businesses and apply those successful methods to our practice. He has shown us that there are many commonalities that we share with all other busi­nesses and that we can adapt their methods in our practices to make us more successful. It may be true that our law school professors taught us to “think like lawyers.” However, that is not necessarily good. It is more important to “think”. Ben shows us that it is important to think about how other industries succeed and to open our minds to new ideas and methods, to expand our imaginations, and to embrace new methods of thinking.We can all go broke “thinking like a lawyer.” We lawyers are also great procrastinators. Ben teaches us to “do it now.” Try new things, NOW. Even if it does not work, it is our failures that add to our body of knowledge and help us progress towards the ideas and methods that WILL work. The advantage that we small firm lawyers have over the mega-sized law firms is that we can turn on a dime, abandon the things that do not work, and embrace new things. Ben teaches us to exploit that advantage to the fullest. We lawyers have a terminal case of tunnel vision. We tend to focus on one area of practice, manner of doing things, habits, and customs and ignore the entire rest of the world. Ben removes the blinders from our eyes and allows us to see the world of law practice and life in general with a wide panoramic view. He teaches us to ask “why”and “why not.” Why can’t wedo things differently? Why is the way we have done things for years the best way? Why can’t we change? Why can’t we be better? Why can’t we have greater income and work less hours? We lawyers are miserable workaholics. We all tend to be “type A” person­alities driven to achieve. The problem is that, somewhere around the second year of law school, we focus on achieving the wrong things. More cases, more briefs, more deadlines, more trials, more clients... and for what? Ben teaches us to step back, take a look at our lives, and examine what is important. He teaches us that we can have a successful practice without working sixteen hour days. Ben teaches us to focus on what is really important in life and, more importantly, how to find the time to achieve and enjoy those important things. Ben is a master at eliminating time-draining vampires. By doing so, we all have more time to live life the way it should be lived. Ben’s materials provide a step-by-step guide to completely eliminating (or at least reducing) the five handicaps named above which we lawyers have and which prevent us from having a good quality lifestyle. While Ben will teach you about marketing, you will also learn how to make lifestyle changes which will greatly enhance your life and the lives of your family. Many who teach marketing to lawyers are not lawyers themselves. It is important that Ben is a lawyer. However, Ben is not just another lawyer. He is one of the premiere lawyers in his area of practice. Ben is on the cutting edge of new developments in the legal world and has taught lawyers throughout the country not only marketing techniques, but also new and creative innovations in the success­ful practice of law. It is important that we receive our marketing advice from an accomplished lawyer, not just an advertising man who does not know a tort from a doughnut. I highly recommend Ben’s toolkit, his seminars, and all of the materials which he generates so prolifically. Do not buy his materials, however, unless you are prepared to live a better life, have a more successful practice, and prudently manage more money than you ever imagined would come to you through your law practice.

    Brent Adams | Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice | North Carolina
  • 10 ways Ben has underpromised and overdelivered

    I am an original Platinum Mastermind Group Member of Great Legal Marketing. Through the continued help of Ben we have achieved the following results: First page placement on Google and several first listings for our key words. Before Ben, we did not even have a website. Completely changing our marketing campaigns to emphasize education and information-based marketing. Publishing a “free” book and several others on the way to promote that campaign. Record gross revenues and profits. A mailing list of past clients, friends, and phone contacts to help grow our “herd”. A steady stream of new ideas that I can pick and choose to adapt to my practice. The ability to brainstorm new ideas and concepts with an intelligent group of like-minded individuals. For the first time I feel I have control over my law practice. Critique of my advertisements before I spend a lot of money. Peer pressure to actually get the work done!

    Charles E. Boyk | Personal Injury, Workers Compensation | Ohio
  • “Your Toolkit was the best present we could have given ourselves — and our firm.”

    My husband and I purchased the Toolkit as a Christmas present to ourselves (we run a small PI firm in rural PA). While we haven’t yet made it thru all the materials, you have already inspired us to revamp our incredibly boring newsletter, to actively work on increasing our mailing list and to create and implement unique direct mainlining ideas. Admittedly, we are overwhelmed by most of what we want to do after reading your materials; we just keep reminding ourselves that we can do it all, we just have to take baby steps as we get started. We’ve also begun a fantastic relationship with Newsletters Inc. (purchased pamphlets already; they are designing a “free auto review” postcard for us) and I’ve contacted Foster web design for help in establishing a web presence. Your Toolkit was the best present we could have given ourselves — and our firm. Thank you for putting together such a common-sense “you can do this and here’s how it’s done” program. Months later, Carrie and her husband, Jim, drove down to Fairfax for Great Legal Marketing National Summit; this is the letter we got later, pointing out that what we do is not all about marketing, it’s about life. Hello Ben, It was great to meet you at the Conference.  Since returning home, we’ve implemented many of the tactics you and others showed us: for example, Jim now works only 4 days per week (Fridays are now “Dad’s Day” with the girls) and we no longer accept unscheduled phone calls (at first our staff thought we were crazy, but now everyone real­izes that this actually streamlines everyone’s time — no more playing phone tag, dodging calls, etc.). In general, we valued every moment of the Conference and were mightily impressed with the caliber of the entire event — from the speakers, the accom­modations, heck, even the quality of paper you used to print the materials — it was all top notch. And getting to meet a rock star was just the icing on the cake. Thanks again for a superb Conference.

    Carrie and Jim Carroll | Personal Injury | Pennsylvania
  • “I can’t wait to get to the office every day to implement one of the many new ideas generated through Ben Glass’s system.”

    Whether you’ve been practicing 25 days or 25 years, if you’re looking for a new approach to define the law practice you want instead of having your law practice define you, I wouldn’t delay another minute in becoming part of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing system. Not only does Ben Glass provide you with invaluable ideas about creating your ideal practice that has obviously worked for him and many others who have invested in this program, he also provides you with the continuing sup­port through his monthly reports and his Mastermind and Diamond Practice Builder groups also available for you to join. Plus, you’ll get the wisdom of the many support vendors that Ben and countless others have developed to implement all the strategies.You avoid the time, money and mistakes by learning about the already prequalified experts like Web Master Tom Foster, book publishers like Word Association, and direct mail marketing experts like Newsletter Pro. After more than 25 years of a relatively successful PI practice, I was continu­ing to face increasing competition and no clear direction of how to think outside the usual box of marketing ideas that everyone of my colleagues were already trying. Now a year later, instead of repeating the same refrain like every other attorney I know who complains about practicing law, I can’t wait to get to the office every day to implement one of the many new ideas generated through Ben Glass’s system. And it’s paying off in new, better cases. What have I done so far based on Great Legal Marketing Toolkit: Completed two newsletters and one postcard; copies of which I enclose Put newspaper ads offering Free Reports in 3 different publications…I am enclosing those ads for your review Completed two books that deal with Worker’s Compensation and Auto Law I have the 800 number I have spoken with Tom Foster about a website I have combed through all of your materials and I bought most of Dan Kennedy’s books and two of Seth Godin’s But the lessons don’t stop with just the purchase of Ben’s Great Legal Mar­keting Toolkit. After buying the kit and attending his first seminar last year, I returned to yet another seminar with attorneys from all over the country. And while skeptical at first that this might be a repeat of last year’s great meeting, I came away with even more new and exciting ways to market my practice. Believe me when I say that I’ve tried numerous marketing programs over the years. While many have some good ideas, none come close to what Ben Glass has managed to put together. Rather than wait for your competition to discover these ideas (my biggest fear after first getting the Great Legal Marketing Toolkit) order it today and start putting these ideas to work for you tomorrow. And if you believe that this is just all marketing hype, I welcome you to call me directly at 610-363-3888.

    Daniel F. Monahan | Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation | Pennsylvania