Discover why attorneys across the country believe Great Legal Marketing is key to their success.

"You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again."

“You and your team exceeded my expectations yet again. I was impressed not only by the knowledge and creativity of everyone present, but also the kindness and eagerness to share ideas shown by your team. Not only are you a collection of brilliant minds, but of kind hearts and generous spirits. Thank you.”

Carol O’Connor-Cadiz; Family Law in Illinois


"Do yourself a favor and attend the 2014 conference..."

“My only regret regarding GLM is that this fantastic, practice changing, eye opening, enthusiasm inducing program wasn’t available to me 30 years ago when I started practicing law. This was my second conference and my second regret is this not being my 6th or 7th. For all of those attorneys who are looking for a better way to build the mousetrap and at the same time wanting to get out of the rat-rage (enough of the vermin!), do yourself a favor and attend the 2014 conference. You can thank me later.”
Christopher Russell; Personal Injury in California

"I am on a different and upward course since meeting this group."

“The mindsets and material taught in Great Legal Marketing has changed my life and I am on a different and upward course since meeting this group. Who knows how my life would have been different, but I suspect it would have taken me many more years (if at all) to learn the habits and success that I’ve learned from Ben, Rem, and the others. It isn’t just marketing that is taught at these conferences but rather a way of life, a different paradigm, a new way to view the world and yourself. This information can empower anyone, not just lawyers and marketers, to grab control over their lives and lead a life full.”
Bethany Jones; Louisiana


"I have already exceeded my goals..."

“WOW! What can I possibly say that you haven’t heard before? I am so very happy about my decision to join GLM in late 2012. I have already exceeded my goals in 2013. I just had my most profitable summer ever! Thank you so much for teaching us so much and for sharing so many great tools, ideas, and strategies to turn my law practice into the one I dreamed about when I decided to become a lawyer. With much gratitude and best wishes for continued success, Robert Malove.”
Robert Malove; Traffic/DUI in Florida

"I was astonished at how much I've learned..."


“As a non-attorney staff member, I am astonished at how much I’ve learned from the conference I attended. The strategies examined and discussed can be applied to so many facets of my life. This is not only a learning experience but a huge motivational experience. I genuinely hope that next year my employer sends not only me, but the entire staff to the summit. The speakers were wonderful and relatable - I can’t say enough good things about this experience!”
Sheena Rahman; Virginia