Your Marketing Empowers Both the Potential Client and the AttorneyIt is a little after 5 AM and I am again sitting down with your work.

It is well written and the message really resonates with me! I have read many of the books you mention (Blink, Tipping Point, E Myth[s]) and I have been buying from Nightingale Connant for 20 years! You don’t just know what to do, you have done it!

I have been in practice for 24 years! During those 24 years, I have spent tre­mendous energy attempting to create ethical marketing that actually works! The generous hour you gave me on the phone was invaluable to this quest!

I am very excited about the prospects for the future with your insight in my corner.

I am looking forward to boarding Jet Blue to get out to Fairfax! Your work empowers both the potential client and the attorney! I look forward to being one of your charter members and realizing the success I know it will bring my firm.

Great work and thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears, that went into what you have put together.

You have created some tremendous material and methodology.

Vaughan Became one of our Charter Platinum Mastermind Members and after coming to our Great Legal Marketing Super Conference, wrote:

There are some who can create, a few who can implement and a tiny minor­ity who can teach. You three [Ben, Rem Jackson and Tom Foster] managed to do all three! Your great presentations and materials had true synergy for a group of like-minded attorneys! Not only would I recommend this seminar, I would strongly caution those who might make the fatal mistake of missing the practice and life-changing concepts that you present.
Vaughan de Kirby | Personal Injury and Immigration | California