Common Questions About Lawyer Marketing

The typical questions are, you know, “Where should I spend my next dollar or my next hour in my marketing?” Because we’re giving in so many ideas, so we teach lawyers, how to think about that. How do you establish a database? How did you get people into your database? How do you talk to your database? We know that the most important asset that any lawyer can have is not his skills, surprisingly, but his list of people who find he or she interesting, who pay attention to that marketing message, and ultimately will refer their friends to that lawyer. If you think about most lawyer ads on TV that featured gory accident scenes or fistfuls of cash, and silly stuff like that, well people look at lawyers and they go, “Well, it’s all about them? It’s all about money.” We show lawyers how to be both effective and ethical so that American public can once again look at their trial lawyer and say, “Yes, that is someone who really is serving our community.”
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.