How Emotion Can Really Be Used in Lawyer Marketing

I'm going to barrage you with good ethical, moral, interesting, educational, marketing system, marketing package, that allows you to come to the conclusion that I am the wise man at the top of the mountain, and I've never said I am the wise at the top of the mountain. Those of you who tried cases to juries, particularly if you ever been to—well you have that experience—have you ever been to an AAJ, one of the Overcoming Jury Bias Seminar, if you'd listen to any of those tapes, it's exactly the same thing. Why? Because communicating with human beings, we’re all wired—99% the same, all right? But, in a jury trial, you can do all the science, you can be exactly right on the logic, you can be perfect, or lose the case. But if someone in that jury comes to their own conclusion, “Oh, I’ve got the idea. I have solved this case. I have decided the doctor was wrong,” that’s a very, very, very powerful influencer and that juror then becomes an influence of other jurors. It is the same with marketing. It's the same with this style of marketing. What we're doing is giving them the ammunition to come to the emotional conclusion because all decisions are made emotionally first, then backed up by logic and reason and (00:01:43) will back me up on that, in any strategy. They come to the emotional conclusion, “I figured it out! My goodness, this guy is the man—he is a celebrity!” Right? He is smart. He has given me more information than anyone else has because they’ve just told me they’ve got 78 years combined experience and I didn’t know before that did mean anything and I’ve read stuff and I know it doesn't mean anything. And they’ve come to their own conclusion.
Ben Glass
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