How to Prosper as a Law Firm Owner by Attracting the Right Clients, Making More Money, and Still Getting Home in Time for Dinner

Great Legal Marketing is an attorney association unlike any other. We bring growth-minded attorneys under one roof and give them the blueprint to create healthier, wealthier, and happier lives.

You likely have heard of Ben Glass and Great Legal Marketing at some point in your career. Ben Glass founded Great Legal Marketing in 2006 to create one of the first membership communities for attorneys who want to grow their practices and their incomes. Our first members have gone on to become industry leaders (you can learn more about their stories by visiting our Member Profiles.)

How Does Great Legal Marketing Work?

Great Legal Marketing has four membership levels; HERO, ICON, HERO Accelerated, and ICON Accelerated. Newest members typically join our HERO program. Heroes are taken through monthly courses and modules to create and implement marketing strategies to increase new client leads and convert potential clients immediately. Our HERO member modules contain many “customize and go” programs, including:

  • Generating Your Own Client Leads with Customizable Marketing Programs
  • Increasing Your Network to Increase Your Referrals from Other Attorneys and Business Owners
  • Create Automated Follow-Up Sequences in the Program of Your Choice that Converts Unconverted Leads and Conditions Your List to Refer You Cases
  • Time Management Outline Designed to Take Your Calendar Out of Your Clients and Staff’s Hangs and Give You Control Over Your Schedule
  • How-To Guides to Track the Results of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns and Accurately Pinpoint Your ROI (No Matter Which Company Created Your Marketing)

Attorneys who complete our HERO courses will move on to our ICON program. Icons go through advanced training courses that cover everything from advanced marketing tactics to practice management. Our ICON member modules cover everything from:

  • Law Firm Finance and Budgeting
  • Hiring, Firing and Managing Your Staff
  • Numbers to Know and Grow
  • Managing for Improved Performance
  • Mastering Case Flow Automation
  • Long Term Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Plus, Advanced Marketing Strategies that Expand on the Strategies Implemented in our HERO Program

How Can You Join Great Legal Marketing?

To learn more about our membership, you can visit to read more about our intro programs.

Special Message from Ben Glass, Founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLaw

Ben Glass - Founder and CEO of Great Legal Marketing and BenGlassLawI'm a full-time practicing lawyer, just like you (Check me out at Better yet, "Google" me.) I understand the struggles attorneys go through at all stages in their career, and I believe my marketing programs are the panacea for most attorney woes.

For years I have preached the message of wellness for attorneys. The bar organizations have been slow to address the issue, and their solutions are tied to meditation and substance abuse programs. While these are important steps to treat decaying lawyer well-being symptoms, they do not treat the cause.

I created Great Legal Marketing to address the real issues facing lawyers today. The biggest and greatest issue facing our profession is that attorneys have been conditioned to passively market. Since the dawn of time, lawyers have been taught to “do good work and the cases will come,” leaving many intelligent, hard-working attorneys waiting for cases because they believe that’s all they should do.

Today, you are going to break away from that mindset. You are no longer going to wait patiently for potential clients to figure out who you are. You are about to begin a journey that addresses the real issues in your practice. I hope to speak to you as a member one day soon.


Benjamin W Glass, III
Ben Glass