Do You Want to Make More Money as an Attorney While Doing Less Work and Living a Lifestyle That You Design for Yourself?

Law firm owners face unique challenges. They are lawyers first and foremost, but they have chosen to embark on the uncertain path of entrepreneur.

The life of an entrepreneur is freeing and empowering. Most attorneys are gripped with excitement as they go into business for themselves, imagining working on the cases they want for the clients they love while spending less time doing the “grunt work” for other attorneys.

But… the attorney entrepreneur faces stiff competition.

There are a growing number of solo and small firm attorneys out there who fight rabidly over the cases left behind by big TV law firms who can get more cases by simply outspending everyone else.

Your average law firm owner becomes a victim of the “conventional wisdom” that keeps them trapped in a cycle of bad to mediocre marketing and business tactics.

They are told by authorities in the legal profession “do good work and the cases will come,” forcing them to believe they must work really, really hard all the time to get the results that they want.

We believe that no attorney should have to sacrifice their personal life and toil away until they are ready to retire to get the lifestyle they want.

There is a better way, and we can show you how.

Who are we?

My name is Ben Glass, and I’ve stood in your shoes. Years ago, I dared to open my own practice and go into business for myself. Those first years were HARD. I didn’t even have enough cases to keep my two-person office open all week (my sister was my lead paralegal, and we left early every Friday).

It wasn’t until I cast off the traditional wisdom of our profession and embraced a new way of marketing that my practice began to grow. I went from a small office space and a handful of employees to a booming 20+ employee law firm with clients to spare.

Coming along with me in this journey was Charley Mann. Over twelve years ago, Charley started working for me as the lead marketer in my practice. He took his cues from me, at first, but eventually grew until he was leading/coaching/consulting with attorneys through Great Legal Marketing.

Today, Charley is the president of Great Legal Marketing and my right-hand man for all things marketing and management. Between the two of us, we’ve transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of law firm owners…

… and through our programs and events, we are keeping the tradition strong.

You can plugin to our marketing and management programs TODAY

What is Great Legal Marketing?

Our passion is to help law firm owners become better business owners.

That’s why we offer two programs designed to fit the needs of attorneys no matter what stage they are at in their practice-growth journey.

To get started, you can:

  1. Become a HERO or ICON Member
    Visit and select the program that is right for you.
  2. Implement Prebuild Systems in Your Practice
    Plug into our core programs, templates, tools, and implement these in your practice.
  3. Get Feedback from the Community
    Join in on the Office Hours sessions, get feedback from the coaches, and meet other members at our events.
  4. Achieve Your Practice Growth Goals
    Earn the income you deserve, attract more clients, and live the life you actually want.

Our HERO and ICON programs are monthly or annual memberships designed to give attorneys our marketing and practice development strategies. All our programs come with a no-penalty cancellation policy and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to:

  • Work on only the cases you like with the clients you love?
  • No longer fear if you will have enough cases/clients to keep your law firm humming?
  • Spend more time OUT of the office with family and friends while your practice runs itself?
  • Have a network of referring attorneys who regularly send you cases and referral checks?
  • Work LESS while bringing in more revenue to your practice (and bucking the ole’ “work hard until retirement” paradigm)
  • Implement marketing that actually works instead of rehashing the same, non-working marketing campaigns that leave you client-poor and keep the marketing vendors rich…

Then visit to discover the HERO/ICON program that’s right for you!