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A Letter From Attorney,

Ben Glass

What if I told you that you could exponentially grow your solo or small firm law practice in the next 12 months?

Scratch that...

What if I PROMISED you that you could exponentially grow your practice in the next 12 months... while also being home for dinner every night?

It'd be a game changer, right?

I thought so too, and that's why I'm offering to teach you ALL the secrets I've learned in my 40+ years as an attorney and 18+ years as the leader of a tribe of entrepreneurial lawyers who firmly reject the status quo.

Through "GLM" (as we affectionately like to call it), we've helped hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers just like you build higher profit, lower maintenance law firms that make them heroes to their families and icons in their communities, all while delivering the highest level of care and attention to your clients.

So, if you’re ready to join our tribe and build a practice that really provides for the financial and emotional wellbeing of your family, it’s time to join the Great Legal Marketing Tribe and see how we are doing it.

Our Philosophy

  • ​You have one life to live and that life is meant to be lived in joy, not misery. You are the master of your own life.
  • ​You should have more clients MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTED to your firm than you can realistically take on (allowing you to be selective on the cases you take and work only with clients you like working with).
  • ​Solo and small law firm owners SHOULD NOT do the same marketing that the big firms do. That is a recipe for bankruptcy. 
  • ​Advertising should NEVER feel expensive, because you should have a reliably consistent response rate and ROI on the ad by using marketing that is trackable.
  • ​Your firm SHOULD NOT take away from your family and/or personal life, it should complement it and give you the feeling of more time in your day instead of less.

"If I can do this while raising 9 children, anyone can…
once you know how."

Ben Glass

You can 100% have a steady stream of THE BEST cases coming in to your firm without investing substantial time and money. It only takes a few hours per week and around $1000 per month to start seeing MASSIVE results when using the GLM system.

Since February 10, 2005, we've been helping solo and small firms build lives and practices that matter. We are the only coaching* organization run by two full-time, practicing attorneys and teach only what we've proven to work.

(*We do not sell marketing, websites, SEO, PPC ads or other lawyer advertising. We show you how to make the right investment of your next dollar and your next hour through marketing and practice building; and we show you how to deal with all of folks selling lawyers websites, SEO, PPC ads and other marketing.)

We Get Results

OVER 400

7-Figure Firms Created


Achieved By GLM Members

500% ROI

Averaged On GLM's Membership Dues

A Great Life of Your Own Design IS Possible,
No Matter What They Say

Chances are, you went to law school because you dreamt of a great life. You thought to yourself “Lawyers are esteemed, respected, and well off financially. I want that!”

Those dreams pushed you through long nights and longer weekends in school... which has, unfortunately, turned into long days and longer years in the office because the class your law firm never offered was:

How to Have Fun and Get Rich as a Lawyer While  Serving Your Clients Well  and Still Getting Home for Dinner.

For many of us lawyers, the dreams that we had so diligently planned on - and worked our tails off for - have not yet materialized. The slog of law school turned into the slog of an unfulfilling legal practice in a profession where very few us are willing to say to the elites of the profession:

"Stop the nonsense, there is a better way!"

I'm here to tell you there is a better way. You can join the thousands of GLM-trained lawyers over the last 20 years who have discovered the way.

Here's How...

When you join Great Legal Marketing (GLM) today, I'll show you the step-by-step process that I and thousands of other GLM members have used to grow our solo and small firm legal practices into $7+ figure businesses that are high-profit and low-maintenance.

But not just that...

I'll GUARANTEE that you will make progress towards building the practice of your dreams, or you can cancel at any time.


Kellem Parks | Personal Injury

"I knew that if I just simply followed some of these steps then I'd be successful."

Michael Wasylik | Foreclosure Defense & Mortgage Fraud

"Ben is the first person that was able to package [great marketing] for lawyers."

How GLM Helps Solo & Small Firm Lawyers

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The GLM Mission

We're on a mission to create

10,000 Million Dollar+ Law Firms

While teaching owners how to live their best lives.

Join thousands of other attorneys who are becoming heroes and icons in their communities and families as a part of our movement.

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